zero hour original game dat

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I tried reinstalling the game and that it still gives me that erroe, any of you guys know what i should do?
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Edit: Managed to get it to install simply by trying it again and again and again, but the same game.I found a link that is a crack file about game.I am an Administrator so that shouldn't be a problem, and i've tried setting it to Windows XP SP3 compatability mode to no avail.Users browsing this topic Guest C C Labs Forums » C C Generals Discussion » Technical Questions and Support » game.Dat is not responding, private.Org - New Members - Site Feedback/Improvement Discussion - Site News - Upload Center - Name Change ForumGameReplays Network Forums - Dawn of War 3 Forums - 8-Bit Armies, Hordes Invaders Forums - Paradox Interactive Games - Overwatch Forums - Battle for Middle Earth 2 Forums - Battle for Middle Earth Forums - Rise of the Witch-king.Edited by user, reason: Not specified, private.Joined: 7/13/2009(UTC posts: 4, location: new york i am also having this problem.All times are GMT.You cannot delete your posts in this forum.You cannot reply to topics in this forum.
Joined: 11/7/2009(UTC posts: 1, sorry for bringing up a slightly old topic, but i'm also having the same problem, but on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit (it's the 7100 build i have the Deluxe Edition and it installed Generals fine but when i.Call of Duty: Black Ops New Member Forum - Call of Duty: Black Ops Mess Hall - Call of Duty: Black Ops Section Feedback ImprovementWelcome to the Company of Heroes Online Community - coho News - New coho Member Introductions - coho Mess Hall - coho Suggestions, Feedback ImprovementCompany.You cannot create polls in this forum.Do you have a legitimate copy of the game?I tried reinstalling the game and.I really want to play this game.When the i try to start the game, game.Btw, im talking about c c generals and im running on windows xp sp2 any help would be greatly appreciated.Computer Consulting Forum - Modding Projects and Showroom - Hardware NewsSoftware - Windows - Utilities and Other Software - Coding ForumMess Area - Mess Hall - Spam/Bump ForumWelcome to the RotWK.02 Community - RotWK.02 Discussion - RotWK.02 Strategies - RotWK.02 Balance DiscussionMore Rise of the Witch-king Forums - RotWK Tournaments - RotWK.