windows xp standard fonts

This is the reference I use when making web pages and I expect you will find it useful too.
A simple way to ensure that your program respects users' settings is to test using a different font size and a high contrast color scheme.Now switch to the original settings and click.A typeface is the look of the font.Guidelines Fonts and colors film blood lad episode 2 The following fonts and colors are defaults for Windows lat long converter software Vista and Windows.Use theme APIs like DrawThemeText to draw text based on the theme symbol.If you do only one thing.To license Segoe UI and other Microsoft fonts for distribution with a Windows-based program, contact.
Text with an arrow pointer.
Disabled text Text that doesn't apply to the current context, such as labels for disabled controls.
First save your desktop theme to it becomes easy restore the original "behavior" of Windows.Always create a, system Restore point before handling Fonts.Always create new fonts based on proportional-sized variations of the system font.Non-gray colors, especially blue and purple, indicate that text is a link.Malgun Gothic, Microsoft JhengHei, and Microsoft YaHei are supplied in regular and bold styles only, meaning italic characters are synthesized by slanting the upright styles.Use in control labels to make the text easier to parse.With ClearType enabled, Segoe UI is an elegant, readable font.