windows update agent 7.6 xp

So, with that being said, I went and viewed my update history.
Oregonian Premium Member join: West Linn, OR Yup, it looks like they are sneaking that one in on us!
But not my WinXP machine.To Oregonian How do I uninstall Windows Update Agent Version.6.7600.256 I did not request for.How to update the Windows Update Agent to the latest version.When I used the uninstaller to remove Flash and restarted the computer I noticed a black screen with writing at the top of the screen.Dll file version.6.7600.257 dated 6/4/2012.Neither does it appear among the updates I can uninstall.Windows Vista, 7, and 2008 Server all use the new method from inside the control panel.KB3102810 fixed the slow Windows Update sessions on Win 7 machines: MS Answers forum: Windows Vista Updates Stuck When Searching.For reference, I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise, x64.But, knowing that people have been getting a new version of Windows Update installed, I have been checking off and on the past couple of days.Erpster797 join: Los Angeles, CA to Oregonian Ah at last when I ran Windows Update on the 32bit Vista and 64bit Win7 computers around noon time on June 21 (pacific time I got the dialog box to install new Windows Update software, just like the.
I booted up this morning and got the same thing you did.
I don't have a Win 7 computer so I can't speak to the necessity of installing the second KB3112343 update, but here are a few threads I found where the optional.
I always want to check myself to see what is out there, and install it when I am ready to install.I remember when I was running XP, when you clicked on the icon for "Windows Update" or "Microsoft Update it would launch IE, and then go to a website to get your updates.Brian vukodlak75 Nisam Ti there is a god pdf Dude MVM join: Willoughby, OH to Oregonian Interesting.My only thought would be if System Restore would take you back to before it was installed, but given the automatic install nature of this beast, you will eventually get it again anyway.A week later, event viewer shows 'unable to connect' error for windows update agent.The one listed on this page for Windows 7 32bit should work for Vista.I checked my version and even though it is Windows 7 it.6.7600.320.Rebooted and Windows installed an update to the Windows Update Agent: Improvements made to version.6.7600.256 of the Windows Update Agent.