windows 8 task manager slow startup

It hasnt been updated in Windows 8, but it shows even more information than the Task Manager does.
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Windows Explorer are better than ever.
To open your task manager, simply move your cursor over the windows menu bar, right-click, and then choose Task Manager.You can expand a users name to view that users processes.Once you're done, simply close the task manager.In either of the processes or details tabs, you can right click any entry and hit either search online or search the web, and automatically be taken to Bing with a search of that process, opening a world of information on that process, which can.The Task Manager in Windows 8 and 10 has been completely overhauled.Key new features of the Windows 8 Task Manager.This is very helpful if youre not sure what a program is and whether you want to disable it or not.By default, the new Windows Task Manager has a new look.From there you can switch back to any applications youve xls to pdf converterware had open within that session also.Alternatively, you can open Run and type in shell:Common Startup.
You can expand an app to see its windows, if the app has multiple windows.
Choose programs mu season 6 webshop hack that you wish to be removed from the startup.Click on Enable, if you want the program you chose to start whenever you switch your computer.The new look of the Windows 8 Task Manager.I'm not trying to open Task Manager on startup, just whatever makes it open faster.To start enabling or disabling startup programs, open your task manager first.Users, the Users tab breaks down your systems resource usage by user account.