visual basic 2010 64 bit

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Visual Studio installs the 32-bit compatibility pack for the 2007 office system service pack version of the CLR on an x86 computer, and both the 32-bit version and the appropriate 64-bit version of the CLR on a 64-bit Windows computer.Office 2010 introduces a new version of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) known as VBA.0 that is updated to work with 64-bit client installations.To compensate for this, Microsoft Office provides a 32-bit version and 64-bit version of several of the Declare statements used in the Windows API.WOW64 is a compatibility environment that enables a 32-bit application to run on a 64-bit system.VBA.0 improves the performance of your Microsoft Office applications through 64-bit performance improvements.For more information about how to port a 32-bit application to run on the 64-bit CLR, see.And a new Designer makes it easier than rhel 6.3 64 bit iso ever to build stunning Silverlight applications for your site.Right _ vbCrLf " Top: " p _ vbCrLf " Bottom: " ttom _ vbCrLf " Width: " (uRect.
Visual Basic Express, and all other versions of Visual Studio, will work just fine an a 64 bit install.
Oh, and this is VS2010 Express, to be clear.
The real value comes in the many language and.NET framework improvements, though.Visual Studio 2010 Express offers the simplest starting point for novice developers, with many useful template forms to help populate your projects Explorer "Login "Splash Screen "About Box" and more IntelliSense filtering, and the ability to easily create Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) applications without xaml.Visual C, you can create platform-agnostic, Microsoft intermediate language (msil) applications by using /clr:safe.This ISO file contains the four main Express editions.Resize the Excel window and rerun the macro.Calls to 64-bit Windows API functions from 32-bit solutions (and the opposite) may lead to erratic behavior or system crashes resulting from the truncation of data or overflows into protected memory spaces.