this book is gay

Presented in a light-hearted and humorous way, This Book Is Gay was both informative and funny complete with facts, personal anecdotes and testaments from lgbt* people around the world.
Which is a great message.
James Dawsons style is fantastic to read with this book being written in a very approachable style.That's the problem with all the usual advice guides; it's an adult looking down on you, patronising you, telling you not to do drugs.Which in my mind just reinforced the stereotype.Sorry.) I make a note never, ever to do that, but I've never stopped someone doing it either.There were some chapters I thought were beautifully handled such as the one concerning religion but there were others I didnt appreciate quite as much.Not only is it informative and important it's accepting, and it basically just says, whoever you are, whoever you're not, it's just okay.
Spike Gerrell's hilarious illustrations combined with funny and factual text make this a must-read.You should embrace who you are and ignore the haters.It can't judge you for the awkward questions you secretly want to know the answers too.Whether you yourself are impacted by the topics in This Book Is Gay or not, it's a really important book to read.But for some reason, writing lgbt fiction abbyy finereader sprint ocr is still considered a taboo as for lgbt non-fiction It's brave, and I commend James Dawson for writing such a funny, brilliant, informative and book.Including testimonials from people across the gender and sexual spectrums, this frank, funny, fully inclusive book explores everything anyone who ever dared to wonder wants to know - from sex to politics, how to pull, stereotypes, how to come-out and more.But I was curious.He's megaman 8 iso psp so chill, just like this book.Despite it being the twenty-first century, there is still a stigma attached to homosexuality and other non-traditional sexualities.I wanted to see what James Dawson had to say.