there is a god pdf

"I love this game.
The, oNLY way to get these (until we release an expansion) is through Kickstarter support.Has god made man or man made god.It's all the fun and strategy of something like Catan, with the flavor text and kill-your-friends joy of Munchkin." - Warriorsmurf (aka Susan G commentator on m "A lot of detail went into every aspect of the game, and every rule and minor element fits.Additionally, these pre-orders are not considered sales at all.Leave the rest to superstition, if knowledge comes from learning books.# of players: 2-6, playing time: 60 minutes, recommended for ages 12, Components: Game Board 6 Player Flag boards 6 Player National Seals 6 Phase horsez 2 pc game Summary cards.We are not associated with Bucephalus Games.3 will not be responsible for these costs.Limited Time Low Prices, the game is available for purchase at a discounted price as a thank you to everyone who wants to support us in the earlier stages of the games development.If there's any more info than that we'll be sure to post it here.
A simple game of simon says, this month's flavor sciences, today's fact, tomorrow's fiction.We dont have any such incentives.With one more magician's trick, ye generation seeks a sign, while blind keeps leading the blind.Inspired by the successful game projects on Kickstarter, Chris and I thought a Kickstarter project would be ideal to make Oh My God There's An Axe In My Head available and publish it on our own.I've offered Bucephalus the opportunity to purchase copies of the game in bulk, at cost to fulfill any yet-unrefunded pre-orders they took.Will be sent the game(s) at no additional shipping charge.Special thanks in the credits of the rulebook.A Treaty card (pre-production bucephalus Games licensed knights of the old republic mods Oh My God!Quickstart rules page icon reference sheet 2-piece box and insert, any games that you get as a result of support on Kickstarter will come with.