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The novel contrasts good and evil very explicitly, unlike in other Hainish cycle works such as The Left Hand of Darkness or The Dispossessed, which made The Word for World is Forest less complex than those other works.
To the Athsheans, being a mentally healthy person is equivalent to being in touch with their roots, which are closely linked to their ecosystem.
Three years later the Terran ships return and take the surviving colonists off the planet; the commander of the ships states that the Terrans will not jbuni update v3 ukts return except as observers and scientists, as the planet has been placed under a ban by the League.Ekumen for her fictional alliance of worlds, a term which she got from her father, who derived it from the Greek.Davidson represent the machismo of some early explorers, who feared nature and wanted to overcome.The Athsheans are shown as a gentle people, in contrast the violence and aggression of the Terrans.Lanham,.: Lexington Books, 2005.Davidson is the most prominent example of the oppressiveness of the military government.As he dies, Lyubov warns Selver about the impact of the killings on the Athshean society.
The Athsheans refer to the Terrans as "yumens while the Terrans tend to use the derogatory term "creechie".
The work was nominated for the Nebula and Locus Awards for Best Novella and won the 1973 Hugo Award for Best Novella.
Raj Lyubov edit Raj Lyubov is the anthropologist in the colony, a scholar who holds the honorary rank of "captain".It shares the theme of dreaming with Le Guin's novel.Reid, Suzanne Elizabeth (1997).Approaches to the Fiction of Ursula.Far away old sounds pulsating.