the walking dead season 3 episode 13

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At this point, it appears the potential consequences are as established as theyre going to get the end is basically waiting to tally up the score of which side loses more people.
But the main spyhunter 4 keygen generator focus is the face-to-face between Philip and Rick, and considering it was destined to go nowhere from the start, the initial moments of the meeting are little more than some catty attacks on one anothers character highlighted by the Governor saying,.
The Walking Dead returns next Sunday with Prey @9pm on AMC.Theres also the reconciliation between Glenn and Maggie that had been hanging in the air since theyd both fallen victim to some unpleasantness while being held captive in Woodbury.That, along with Philips admission that he plans to wipe them all out at their next meeting, seems to be the first signs of a crack.Nothing drastic happens, of course, but it lends to the general feeling of apprehension in regard to the rapidly approaching season finale.And even with the intriguing character elements that were on display, it was that level of focus that might have been its greatest accomplishment.Meanwhile, the most appropriate discussion goes to Martinez and Daryl, who share a smoke after some competitive zombie slaying.The rest of the meeting plays out in the same back and forth until Philip delivers a monologue about losing his wife in an accident before the zombie outbreak.For starters, it turns out the whole dialogue was set up by Andrea, who appears to be taking her role as mediator quite seriously until shes thrown out of the discussion entirely to join Daryl, Hershel and the others.The Governor puts a condition of a peace Treaty between the prison and Woodbury.
Strangely, the mental instability of either man tends to go on and off as the necessity of the scene (or episode) dictates, so the Governor is presented here in one of his more equitable moods, while Rick saves all his frowns and dagger eyes for.
At any rate, the importance of the meeting is boiled down to a bogus offering of lasting peace, as long as Rick is willing to sacrifice Michonne.
But more than that, season 3 has been intent on offering the audience two leaders at odds with one another, who also seem to be battling their own shifting levels of sanity.The Walking Dead back into a more familiar mode, the episode manages to have something in common with last weeks better-than-expected english world 1 grammar practice book episode.Clear was a much-needed break from the incessant infighting of the previous post-hiatus episodes, but more than that, it was intent on telling a complete story (within the larger framework of the seasons overall plot).Still, Arrow on the Doorpost does a decent job of preparing the characters and the audience for whats to come.Despite the apparent psychological steadiness of each man, the meeting doesnt go down nearly as smooth hutchison's clinical methods 23rd edition as a glass of the Governors never-ending supply of whisky.Martinez earns Daryls sympathy over the loss of his wife and child, and essentially states that the meeting is just a bit of futile stalling on behalf of Rick and the Governor.Rick and the Governor, and in this episode it seems one thing is certain: they both like tight-fitting, rugged man-jackets (though the Governor goes for the flashier look of a quilted vest).Rick returns to the prison and tells everyone except Hershel, who he said is true, that the Governor will not rest until you kill them all, so there will be war.So far, this season has invested a considerable amount of time comparing.