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5-8-17 The Unholy Alliance Between George Soros and Pope Francis.
7-19-17 Do Not Be Deceived: Christ Forbids Homosexual Acts, and the Church Cannot Teach Otherwise.
7-17-17 Communist Moscow Wanted a Hit on Pope John Paul.
4-5-17 Normalizing the Hijab.4-27-17 Cork Priest Shortage Could See Masses Replaced by Public Prayers.8-24-17, marxist Infiltration in America Virtually Complete.7-13-17 Heres How One Saintly Pope Pius V Would Clean Up Gay Orgies at the Vatican.6-21-17 Directives from Heaven - #137 - Visions of come fare una keygen the Great War: Russia and China.5-18-17 Hasidic Rabbi from NY Blasts Impotent, Fearful Catholic Church Over Failure to Take Fatima Message Seriously.5-31-17 Priest Slams Diocesan Transgender Policy: You are Overturning Christian Morality.7-17-17 Directives from Heaven - #247 - Euthanasia and Murder.8-9-17 Reported Cures of Cancer through the Intercession of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.
4-19-17 Directive from Heaven - #560 - Luxury.
5-4-17 Rebel Catholic Group Defies Church, Ordains Woman Priest in North Carolina.
7-31-17 Trump Assassination Imminent, We Must Act Now to Stop Civil War/Martial Law.5-16-17 Directive from Heaven - #136 - Visions of the Great War: the Mideast.6-30-17 Planned Parenthood is Trying to Invade Public Schools.8-2-17 Who is Really the "Extraordinary Minister" of the Eucharist?6-22-17 Francis Once Again Fails to Kneel Before Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.6-23-17 Rise of the Radical Nuns.4-10-17 European Union Tells Hungary and Poland to Accept Mass Migration Or Leave.4-26-17 Lay Scholars Highlight Problems with Amoris Laetitia, Crisis in the Church.List of all Bayside Prophecies.