supernatural season 1 episode 4

Azazel is revealed to be possessing John and announces that he has plans for Sam; he tries to kill Dean, though John re-takes control while Sam shoots him in the leg, forcing Azazel to leave John's body.
It's Me, Dean Winchester insert smiley faces in outlook 2007 Writer: Sera Gamble Director: Phil Sgriccia 9/25/08 #62 402 The spirits of Meg, Agent Victor Henriksen, and Ronald Reznick appear and accuse Sam and Dean of failing them, as the brothers attempt to help Bobby, who is haunted by the angry.
Instead, the song was used in the penultimate episode, with Fight the Good Fight used in the finale.Finale Date, may 4, 2006, season 1, season.The Benders 02/13/06.15 A nice decoration for the wall.Bloody Mary 10/11/05.05 An incantation uttered during a game of truth or dare unleashes a ghost who "lives" in d kills by gouging out the eyes of her prey.Season 3, season 4, season 5, season.Eventually, the boys find their father, who has discovered the means to kill Azazel: an old, antique revolver called The Colt, a supernatural firearm weapon created in 1835 by Samuel Colt to kill anything supernatural-but it only has a limited amount of bullets.The two brothers then embark on hunting quests across the country as they look for John and also work on cases involving other supernatural creatures, from ghosts, to shapeshifters, deities, even vampires and other monsters.Sam and Dean 's relationship is also strained as Sam starts siding with Ruby over Dean.And she wants the Colt.Finale Date, may 14, 2009, season 1, season.
To stop her, Castiel brings in a special angel who intends to destroy the town.In 2005, Sam has retired from hunting to focus on college, but Dean brings him back into that life after their father John goes missing and after Sam comes back from hunting a ghost with Dean, Sam's girlfriend Jessica Moore is killed by Azazel, just.By clicking "Publish you are confirming that the image fully complies with.The Rapture Writer: Jeremy Carver Director: Charles Beeson 4/30/09 #80 420 Castiel visits Dean in a dream and tells him he has important news.Home sol; Supernatural sol; Season 1 sol;Episode 4: Phantom Traveler, what's Hot Today, all.It plays during the opening of Episode 21 ( Salvation ).Over the next 22 years, John raised his boys as hunters, human vigilantes who investigate paranormal activities and hunt down supernatural creatures, entities, and beings, while John looks for the demon who killed Mary and the means to kill.