strikers 1945 plus psp iso

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It's a great port of a great vertical shmup.The poor scores for this game really disappoint me - I've spent more time on this game than probably any other downloaded PSP game I e poor scores for this game really disappoint me - I've spent more time on this game than probably any.It won't convert any newcomers, but it is what it is, and it does everything it needs to do in its own niche beautifully.Every bit review listed here makes me cringe - some of them are downright incorrect - IGN says "that there's really no penalty for dying removes all challenge from the game".That is an absurd statement.Action, god Eater 2 Jap, rPG, pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Rus.If you're repeatedly continuing the game every time you get a game over screen, you're playing the game wrong.
Strikers 1945, plus pSP ).
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