send pictures on snapchat from library

You'll need to activate Lenses before you croc game windows 7 take a Snap.
This tip is only for iPhone users, since Android users already have this option.
Tap the T and then simply choose an emoji.You'll usually see this if you're sending a Snap to someone that hasn't added you back yet.Snaps that are added to your Story can be viewed by anyone who has access to your Story for 24 hours.Purple Snaps are videos.Tap Add by Username.Like stickers, you can use your fingers to move the text, rotate it, and change the size.Tap the right side of the screen while the Story is playing to move on to the next Snap, or the left side to go back one Snap.Press and hold the "Phone" button to record an audio note.Enter the username of the person you want to add.
Some Snapchat users have achieved a high level of fame with their unique photos and funny doodles.
At any time during a Story (as long as you're friends with the person you can send a reply to the Snap you are viewing.This type of content accounts for a significant majority of all of the content that is transmitted and consumed within the app.Then you can pick an image that you previously took.When you send a Snap it's gone forever, so it's a good idea save Snaps you want to keep before you send them.If you can't get Lenses to start, your device may not be compatible.