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The playset was still the same level, plumb and safe for kids to use.
Vt brekel kinect pro body crack adv to keep sth/sb away from sb tenere qc/qn lontano /a da qn they kept him away from school non l'hanno mandato a scuola.
They used washers to fill space where the bolts were backwards.
To keep sth from sb cacher qch à qn to keep.s.To keep sb happy ( please ) faire plaisir à qn (with gerund) to keep sb waiting faire attendre qn Sorry to have kept you waiting Désolé de vous avoir fait attendre.Garder qch pour soi Keep this to yourself Garde ça pour toi.She keeps the garden beautifully; I think they keep hens.Guardar las distancias.Years ago, Jeff had mentioned that copies of his personal and professional writing spanning almost a decade existed only on ever-aging floppy disks.Here are the options: Optical: Writable CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs are widely available but theyre not very big: CD-Rs only hold 700MB, DVD-R is usually.7GB, and consumer-level Blue-ray discs are typically 25GB.#2 they installed broken pieces several pieces were chipped, cracked and 1 main beam was split straight through (dont know if they over-tightened or what) the plastic slide was scuffed up and very rough/sharp spots at top end.Convert documents and media out of proprietary formats.
To (cause to) remain in a certain state or position.( conceal, information ) to keep sth back from sb nascondere qc a.Keep away to (cause to) remain at a distance."keep off the grass" prohibido pisar el césped.( conceal ) names of victims no comunicar to keep sth back from sb ocultar algo a algn I'm sure he's keeping sth back estoy segura de que oculta algo.Was kann ich tun, dass die Kaninchen nicht hereinkommen/nicht in meinen Garten kommen?( put aside ) mettere da parte ; ( store ) tenere, conservare keep it in a safe place or somewhere safe tienilo in un posto sicuro "keep in a cool place" " conservare in un luogo fresco ".Keep in with vi prep obj sich gut stellen mit; hes just trying to keep in with her er will sich nur bei ihr lieb Kind machen?#3 they installed parts backwards.This coat keeps out the wind.