revolutionary war heroes project

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Include all the events that you believe led to the war's outcome.
Women in the Revolutionary War ml Here you can find out about Deborah Samson, Rachel and Grace Martin, Anne Warner Bailey crystal reports for visual studio 2005 64-bit and Anne Trotter Bailey, and Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley.
Remember, it could be a camp scene, part of a battle, or any part that represents the Revolutionary War.Related Websites: 2) Anonymous Account of the Boston Massacre ml 3) Boston Massacre m Historic Valley Forge ml Learn the story of the six month encampment of the Continental Army of the newly formed United States of America under the command of General George Washington.Pick an event and draw a scene that captures what went on there.You can find some information about Revolutionary War people at Revolutionary War biographies.Fierce debate developed over the British Parliament's right to tax the colonies without their consent.Reilly of the Pennsylvania National Guard established a trust fund for the purpose of creating monuments to Revolutionary War heroes.The war began on April 19, 1775 with the Battles of Lexington and Concord.Go to the (1) Road to Revolution, (2) Road to the Revolution, and Examining Valley Forge and test your knowledge while you have some fun learning.Websites For Teachers American Revolution m This site has a unit plan with twelve lessons plus links to resource sites.Congress directed the war effort and voted to organize an army and a navy.
For about a decade, tension had been mounting between Great Britain and the American Colonies.
The site features events leading up to the war, battles of the war, biographies of important people,"s, and much more.
Each student will keep a journal that includes events leading up to, during and the aftermath of the battle.On July 4, 1776, the Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, in which the colonies declared their freedom from British rule.They strongly resisted the new laws, especially tax laws.This comprehensive site covers events leading up to the war, major battles, important people, and includes a detailed timeline plus much more.Adapted from, public Art in Philadelphia by Penny Balkin Bach (Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1992).Revolutionary War Biography Websites A separate webpage was also needed to handle the almost two-hundred websites for biographies of patriots, 'founding fathers women, native Americans, and British leaders - - all involved in the American Revolution.One student will represent a British point of view and the other student will represent the American side.Great Britain with its larger and better trained army and navy launched a huge land and sea effort to crush the revolution.