office 365 mail protection blocked by filtering

Check your outgoing messages to prevent spam in Office 365.
In order to help prevent spam in Office 365, you may want to change a protection setting to deal with a specific issue in your organizationsay youre receiving a lot of spam from a particular sender, for example or to simply fine tune your settings.For information on setting up dmarc, see.Connection filtering checks the reputation of the sender before allowing a message to get through.Our websites started having collcc appended to the end of a URL?If you're concerned about spam in Office 365, use connection filtering to help prevent spam.Spam filtering checks for message characteristics consistent with spam.
@Leigh: It seems that you may not best email client for ubuntu 2015 be asking for disabling EOP.
Configure the Connection Filter Policy.Transport rules feature is another filter that will help you prevent spam in Office 365.DomainKeys Identified Mail (dkim).2 comments, good ISPs in Chicago.Additionally, you can configure end-user spam notifications to inform users when messages intended for them were sent to the quarantine instead.