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In addition to the Inventory and History views, the NetSupport DNA mobile app also highlights any new PC alerts that have triggered across the school network.
NetSupport ServiceDesk can be accessed through a web browser by any user from their desktop or mobile device and allows for the customisation of many key features within the solution.
DNA will also link with a school's existing Active Directory if present (including single sign-on) and includes the ability to profile department access game hotel story for laptop and administrative features by console user.DNA also keeps a history of changes to the data entered in User Data.NSS CCE - English, nSS Win 10 - English, nSS Chrome - English.NetSupport DNA, has proved invaluable, it was a very quick and easy install, discovering assets and users via Active Directory.Powerful and customisable workflow rules help ensure delivery of an efficient and timely service in line with agreed service levels, automated email processing helps deliver further time savings and, with NetSupport ServiceDesk's customer-friendly self-service portal, users are able to search for answers before even logging.Mobile Inventory Provided as mkv codec for mac a supporting tool for NetSupport DNA, the Inventory app can be downloaded free from the Google Play and Apple app stores.The on-screen reports / views are provided with supporting bar and pie charts and "live" drill down capabilities on all key summary data.Enforce Acceptable Use Policies Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) form an integral part of the key information security policies used by most schools.
PC Pro Magazine, contact us, software Inventory and Licensing, the Software Module is designed to help schools better manage licence compliance and reduce software overspend by accurately reporting installed software and proactively identifying PCs with software that has no or low usage.Safeguarding needs to be proactive too and so NetSupport DNA enables Students to access online support resources covering topics such as FGM, drug addiction, grooming and bullying all from the NetSupport DNA safeguarding icon on their.Real-time monitoring Gain a real-time summary of all your PCs using Explorer mode.In addition, schools can apply "inactivity policies allowing rules to be set for systems to be set to sleep, log out or power down if they have been inactive over a period of time.Contact us, ease of Installation, netSupport DNA is designed to deliver a complete suite of IT admin features for schools and colleges, without the expensive associated hardware purchases, implementation and initial training costs of alternative solutions.In addition, by right clicking on any PC an operator can launch on-the-fly PC-specific features such as power on/off, chat, remote control, send messages and more.The ability to combine NetSupport DNA with NetSupport ServiceDesk in a fault diagnosis scenario has been another key selling point.