naagin 9th january full episode

Shivanya meets Yamini and asks why did she call.
He then says she should go and change now, else she will catch cold.
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Once coming out of cave, Yamini shows chain to Ankush and says she gave this chain to Shivanya.Gurumaas hawks bite and torture Sesha.They then get back to human form.She hugs him from behind to stay away from moonlight.Gurumaa goes back to her cave and does not find Sesha and finds hawks dead.Rithik brings Shivanya home and says she has to take bath with herbal water.Guruma follows him out of cave till car and asks where did snake bite.Sehsha turns into snake and Shivanya goes back and sits on car seat as usual.
Guru maa says someone came and rescued her while she was away, but her poisoned knife will kill her for sure.Sesha asks why is she thinking of him so much.Sesha says it means she loves him.He asks Shivanya if anything is wrong.Sesha asks her to not come into circle windows 10 enterprise full version iso as she will burn.Hawks attack them and they kill hawks and walk out of cave in snake form.Shivanya says snake bit her and only guru maa can save her now.