mw3 usb mods xbox

Text Tutorials, modded Callsign Prestiges(Patched) 1) Download Horizon and HxD if you do not already have it 2) Open up Horizon 3) Extract your profile to your desktop 4) Drag your profile into Horizon to open it 5) Click the tab named "Content" 6) Find.
Split-Screen Modder: Only registered and activated users can see links.Go to Create a split screen game and start the match.Find a match online and you will have mods!It will load now all you have to do in the.exe is click Mod my account.Start using our usb, vIP hacks for 3d fonts for pc a little effort!Not familiar with surveys?12) Put your color code in that you want your Gamertag to be, refer above for the color codes 13) After you type your color code put two of any letters/numbers 13) For example I would type "2" after and it will look like this.Open up HxD 9) In the top left of HxD press "File" and then "Open" 10) Find and select the.GPD on your desktop 11) Press ctrl F 12) Instead of searching for a "Text-String" search for a "Hex Value" 13) Search for the following letters/numbers.Once the modding process is done you can quit the.exe file.Campaign Spec-Ops Mission Unlocks/Spec-Op 3 star unlocks 1) Download the Modded.GPD that I provide to your Desktop 2) Open up Horizon 3) Go to your profile in Horizon 4) Open it 5) Go to "Contents" 6) Find the.GPD file named "415608CB" 7) Right-Click it and.
Spec-OPS -All spec-ops missions unlocked -3 Stars for every mission, multiplayer -Colored Gamertag/Clan Tag -Colored Classes -Clan Tag Easter Egg -Split-Screen Everything unlocked -Modded Prestige's in Callsign -Mod Message of The Day -Anything Else I can think.Thanks for supporting our team!Mod Updated on: (video is showing the pc version of this mod menu because of the recording quallity).Center, ultimate MW3 USB Modding Thread!Features: Main Menu, weapon Menu, host Menu, players crm update rollup 8 Menu.