ms office word 2007 tutorials

Place the Cursor During the lessons, you will often be asked to place the cursor at a specific location (the insertion point) on the screen.
Press and hold down the left mouse button.The Quick Access toolbar provides you with access to commands you frequently use.The Show/Hide button appears in a contrasting color, when it is selected.You should use Draft view for these lessons.Lesson 1: Getting Familiar with Microsoft Word 2007 for Windows.Create Sample Data and Select Text If you type rand in your Word document and then press Enter, Word creates three paragraphs.The Title bar displays the title of the document on which you are currently working.If your ruler is not visible, follow the steps listed here: Click the View tab to choose.Click Draft in the Document Views group.You may also find a dialog box launcher in the bottom-right corner of a group.Exercise 2 The Arrow Keys Use the down arrow key to move down your document.
Execute Commands with Keyboard Shortcuts There biff bam boom font are many methods you can use to accomplish tasks when using Word.
Click Exit Word, which you can find in the bottom-right corner.
Press your right mouse button.Quickly press your left mouse button twice.The following exercise teaches you how to create data and how to select data.Three paragraphs appear in your document.A quick question - do you still type with your index fingers?Outline view displays the document in outline form.You use Draft view to quickly edit your document.Word saves your file.