league of legends patch 3.13

I would have followed up my items with either Wit's End, or Abyssal Mask, Frozen Mallet, and a Spectre's item or even a Thornmail.
Anyways, I just had an amazing game where my team and I won.5.
Protect the crazy * rock.
As well peeling due to their dangerous champions such as Yasuo and Kha'Zix.Hope you guys enjoy the big update and have an amazing holiday!Shen is a great way to improve.Time it right, your Spirit's Refuge will protect your ally full its full duration and the enemy will still be under the effects of taunt and Twilight Assault.Was going to make a joke but uh, nevermind.Shenkaiser ( Shen, Mordekaiser ) Your Mordekaiser kinda scrubby and useless but he has the fed ghost?Probably my last update for this year - 12/13/2016 Back To Table of Contents.
This is a decent dark hunter the guardian pdf item to round out your stats if you have enough HP but not enough.
Check below for the video 4/18/2015 Re-updated Shen build #5 into the Bruiser build with Trinity.A more controversial item that I rarely buy.While there are specialized rune pages for certain matchups, my general rune page tends to focus more on a mid to late game focusing on scaling.Thanks for following me over the years, most section most likely will be itemizaion or Synergy.Compared with before, Trinity isn't the strongest item.Though it may lack on the attack speed, coupled with Greater Mark of Attack Speed, it will be no problem!Also added more music you can use.Nice chunk of AP, MR, CDR, and a passive that increases magic damage.Follow up CC after the ult ends.Do we have an initiation tool?