knights of the old republic mods

Titled "The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod" (tslrcm the file contains a compilation of restored content and bug fixes.
The few moments she does lean towards one side or the other stem from regrettable old habits and a lingering belief that such sides always have existed and always will should she not intervene.While the KotOR modding community isn't the largest on the internet, it has still produced some truly top-quality content over the years.Because of this, a ton of content ended up being cut from KotOR.In doing so, kotor II became one of the first major pieces of the Star Wars canon to honestly examine why the pursuit of the light side does not make one a hero, nor does a fall to the dark side represent the actions.At the same time, it is for the most part a directors cut and, like most directors cuts, not everything that didnt make it into the final game was meant.It also seeks to bring new gameplay content to the standard KotOR 2 experience.It argues, rather successfully, that in the heat of the moment the choice between the two is not an easy one.
Just as impressive as BoSSR's scope and technical feats is the narrative it has to tell.
Obsidian team member Anthony Davis would later argue that LucasArts was hardly the villain of this tale as they would take on large chunks of the development process and spare additional resources when possible.Keep in mind that Aspyr cant guarantee that any particular mod will work as advertised.While some of what was cut equated to little more than a throwaway line of dialog or a comedic scene, there are far more substantial moments that werent incorporated into the game that deal with important character backstories and entire levels.Revan's Robes Revisioned is the ideal mod to apply it to, of course.One of the mod's crowning achievements is the restoration of an entire level that was removed from the game: the HK Assassin Droid Factory.