kbc pc game 2011

Size 480px 315px (default) 240px (for mobile) Auto play.
Now you can change the game as you wish, using Swishmax (m).
This is another screenshot and in this screenshot you can see the question level is different, basically this is the latest version of KBC game and you can also flip answers in this game.Anyway, you can download the source code for this game and a sample questions database (20 questions only) using the link below.This will simulate a poll amongst the audience attending KBC and will show you the results of the poll in the form of a bar graph.You should check out the game here.This is a live TV show and if you live in India and other Urdu speaking countries, then you must have seen this show live on your TV screen.Update as of 5th June 2011 : Source code for the game has been published on this page.a1Bombay b1Delhi c1Calcutta d1Madras ans12 ques2Who is known as the father of the nation?Answer is specified as ans12 where the value 2 says the answer for question number 1 is option b (i.e, the variable b1).Kon banega crorepati game kbc game kaun banega crorepati game download play kbc online, kaun banega crorepati game (kbc2) (download the game.8 out of 10 based on 4307 ratings.Video Memory (VGA Card).Answering a question is through one of the four given choices.
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a2Lal Bahadur Sastri b2Mahatma Gandhi c2Bal Gangadhar Tilak d2Rajiv Gandhi ans22 The first line totques183 in the file can be changed to specify the total number of questions you have in your database.You can use power paplu to reactivate a used lifeline and flip to change the question without answering the current one.I am not sure whether anyone want to modify the existing flash game to accomodate new lifelines or game rules.This cheque also shows your rank in the scoreboard.Update 21/10/13: Power paplu and flip lifelines have been added to the game.