jannat k pattay episode 7

Jannat Ke Pattay is a story of multi packer 2.10 portable Courage, Reality, Struggle and Faith which makes Novel Reader Thrilled, Fascinated and Awed.
That was Tabarraj ul Jahilyaah(Jahiliyat ka tabarruj).
Rawaiye daaimi hoty hain.
Allah is beautiful and He likes beauty.Bihare loved him a great deal to forget him so early though.I have not read this novel, neither know its name, but I stated the example just to clarify that there were examples of treasure hunt novels even before Uncle Dan Brown was born.Im sorry for that!Or a darvesh who is cut off from the whole cara game winning eleven 2013 pc world and worldly things in his own dedh eent ki masjid.Because she knew that Haya will soon come across harder times Jihan did not have beard.Thats the whole idea.
Cant tell for sure, though.
In a suspense novel, reader knows the main secret of the novel from the very start, but the main characters dont know.
Marriage seems like a fantasy to young kids, like the only thing that can keep an adult attached to them for the rest of their lives.Ayeshe and BahareWhat happened with them?Lying during a battle, cheating people, lagain bujhai kerna, idher ki udher lagana, ye sab kam wesey haram mgr jang me halal hoty hain because a Muslim only fights for Allahs Deen.The novel started from Hayas perspective, and ended on hers.Usko Anjan prentend krna chahea tha, ulajh kr kyun bola?And I am sure that some of you have boosted their confidence level to a higher degree after reading this novel.And JKP was not about Haya only.Just like a non-doctor cannot understand the troubles of a medical student, non-hijaabis can never understand those of hijaabi girls.These questions were deliberately put in the story and deliberately left unanswered.A mixture of that is referred to as being genius.