itunes software update slow

Click Advanced, switch to DNS tab.
Its become a nightmare harking back to the performance we were getting from the internet in the Nineties.If the problem is affecting more than one of your devices on the network, then instead of configuring DNS settings on each and every individual device, you might want to configure custom modern warfare 2 pc multiplayer full version DNS settings from the wireless router itself, as this change will affect every.Network issues: An incorrectly configured network can cause problems that hinder connectivity with the App Store and could be the cause of your App Store problems.Reboot your wireless router, there are also some cases where your wireless router could be having a heart attack and just needs a good reboot.From time to time, Apple is actually the one having the problem.Same experience here with anything being downloaded from Apple!You can usually find your ISPs DNS settings by going to your ISPs website and locating a DNS help section, or typing the name of your ISP and the term DNS into Google,.g.Typically anything above 10 Mb/s is sufficient enough.On a Mac, it could be any combination of the three, but on an iOS device, all you really need to check for is an active VPN connection.
It seems like older devices, like my jailbroken iPhone 5 with iOS.0.2 on it, seem to have a lot of software glitches with App Store downloads.Last resort contact Apple If youve tried everything above, contacting Apple for support might be the right way.For Comcast, go to their support site; many other ISPs DNS servers are listed here.Using Googles DNS servers or OpenDNS servers results in faster access to the App Store, iTunes,, Netflix, etc.Power it off for a good 60 seconds and then power it back on and try the download again.You can easily check the status of Apples App Store services via the companys.Most problems are related to something small and stupid, and one of the steps above can point you into the right direction.Why are my App Store downloads so slow?Router issues: If your wireless router has decided to stop broadcasting a signal mid-download, this will definitely hinder your App Store downloads.