intel core 2 duo e7500 audio drivers for windows 7

My cd/dvd is connected to the JMicron IDE, my sata2 HD is connected to the intel ICH8.
In order to get a working system it was necessary to blacklist intel_agp and boot into text mode.
Optical Software : PowerDVD Software for Vista Home Premium and Ultimate, WIN7 Home Premium, Pro or Ultimate.Note: sata controller must be configured in ahci mode (check bios setup otherwise Ubuntu will not recognize sata disks.You may need to manually create a nf referencing /dev/sda as your boot drive.I added these options to defoptions." and altoptions." in boot/grub/t" and run "update-grub" afterwards.VMWare is easy enough to use, and you can download a gparted livecd for partitioning.No third party modules (i.e.It can even be installed off an USB stick directly from the EZ bios update utility.Kernel boot options boot/vmlinuz-ubuntu1-tqft root/dev/hda1 ro quiet splash irqpoll noapic nolapic hton" - now both CPUs on and running no freeze at login.Story 12 Abit AB9 (non-Pro) with the latest bios-update Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 sata2 hard drive connected to the Intel ICH8-controller IDE DVD-RW connected to the IDE controller as the master drive Edgy Eft 64-bit (final) Booted from the install.Random freezes continully becoming more frequent.
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E7500(2.93GHz,1066MHz,3MB).Fixed dell inspiron 1545 manual in Edgy Eft beta/release candidate * I would argue this is not fixed in the final release as I cannot boot my HP DC7700.In my case it was necessary to connect the CD/DVD drive to the second port and not to the third or fourth.So just to test it again I rename my /etc/messages file to /etc/k and make a new /etc/messages file.This is temporary change.All Ubuntu 32bit kernels these days ship with PAE.