hawaii five-0 season 2 episode 1

In "Ka Hakaka Maikai" (S02E06 Joe White ( Terry O'Quinn ) is seen taking out a Heckler Koch USP from his freezer.
Safari Arms Matchmaster Another kidnapper uses what appears to be a stainless Safari Arms Matchmaster.45ACP during the hostage situation in "Pahele" (S2E11).
Joe White looks at him and dark slayer christine feehan pdf raises his eyebrows Time to shut up?Kimber Ultra Carry II In "Kame'e a Kimber Ultra Carry II is seen being placed in a basket during a poker game that Kono attends.I mean, he's I mean, he's kind of hard to get a read on, you know, uh, except for the you know, the daddy issues.Joe White : takes a bite of the jambalaya Jambalaya has got some kick.Steve : You gonna tell me what that was about?Aiming the Vanquish at Five-0 in "Ua Hapa" (S2E23).Kiilua (Deceiver).10 edit Joe White and the Five-0 crew see Navy LCdr Wade Gutches and seal Team IX members join them for the operation to North Korea Wade Gutches : You have room for a few more on this.Max hangs up Danny : Did he just hang up on us?Chin Ho Kelly :I've been a little busy.
Danny : My wrists are in the wrong looks at Hanna what is it with Navy seals and back-seat drivers?!
Lori uses her weaponlight attached to her Glock to read some documents in in "Ka Iwi Kapu" (S2E07).Danny Williams : What's up, buddy?Kono is armed with the rifle in "Ua Hala" (S2E23).Thats a really good question.HPD swat operators are armed with the AR-15A2 as they surround the stand in "Haiole" (S2E01).For argument's sake, let's say this man didn't own a DeLorean and is from the 21st century.ANd yes he is wearing Oakleys.