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There are 5 guides Unlocked by 72,916 tracked gamers (63 - TA Ratio.57) On a Legendary map, get 5 Warthog chaingun kills during any ranked or social match.
The only things that you have to worry about are warthogs, the very occasional people who shoot missiles and rockets at you (these can easily be dodged if you pay attention) and people who get behind you (this is why you play with a friend.10 Black Eye Find and claim the Black Eye skull.The name of the " Askar " achievement is actually in Bahasa Melayu (the formal language in Malaysia) and the meaning is "soldier." Also in Swahili (the official language of Kenya and Tanzania the word "askari" can mean soldier or policeman.TrueAchievements 2,644 (1,750).2 out of are a maximum of 79 Halo 3 achievements (49 without DLC) worth 2,644 (1,750) 281,803 tracked gamers have this game, 18,955 have completed it (6.73 finish the first mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.There are 3 guides Unlocked by 175,274 tracked gamers (62 - TA Ratio.26) Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.25 Post Mortem On Orbital, get 2 Death From the Grave medals during any ranked or social match.1 gamer needs help Earn this in the.25 Longshore Skull On Longshore, find the hidden skull.Finish the seventh mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.There are 4 guides Unlocked by 106,491 tracked gamers (82 - TA Ratio.34) On Orbital, find the hidden skull.Campaign, edit, icon, name, description, gamerpoints, level Completion.
There are no reviews Estimated completion: 2-3 hours.Gamerpoints, with another 30 DLC (.There is 1 guide, unlocked by 207,460 tracked gamers (74 - TA Ratio.16).There are 4 guides Unlocked by 82,499 tracked gamers (29 - TA Ratio.84) Score over 15,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the third mission.The "Vidmaster Challenges" were from Bungie's Marathon series, wow game cards generator where players who wished to prove they were the absolute best had to complete insane challenges such as playing through the game without the use of health items, with only fists, on the highest difficulty setting.There is 1 guide, unlocked by 228,334 tracked gamers (81 - TA Ratio.11).