gt legends windows 7 patch

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The road seems a little narrow, so I have reached after 2 rounds with a powerful BMW CSL only the average of 120 km/h.
And I used to be like you - couldn't wait to update from DOS 5 to DOS 6 - from Win.1 to Win.So how could they sell their latest processor? ( 2 file(s) gTL_Update_.exe (58.49MB readme.txt (3.3KB with patch.1 in particular the Multiplayer Mode is now being enhanced: The servers now support up to 36 online players in one race and in this way an exciting competition of the entire field of FIA.Apart from small bug fixes the stability of the network code was improved รข tough fights, man against man, are possible now all along the line!Anyway, I love the game.It is a great fun.Starting the game also as admin with a right mouseclick on the icon, the game immideatly started.I love the cars with their great cockpits and sounds.
I have the DTM Race driver3 for some years.
I have installed it, as I was informed, not in Windows prgram files but in my game directory it with a right mouseclick as administrator.Reading ratings I came to GT-Legends.Except some little sound problems at the beginning, now the game runs perfectly without any problems.I am afraid it will make me adics.Quot;: Originally Posted by psyfungi, i choose Microsoft 64-bit Windows 7 because it looks and feels pretty good.I think I'll need more training.