generals zero hour cheats

Ur base is gona be safe as u can think.
Laser general against the Chinese infantry general.
It is possible to edit the "g" file in your codebreaker 9.2 ps2 iso game directory.
1 works just as well.The idea is that you go head-to-head against one of nine enemy generals, each of whom has a tactic they specialise in and some manner of insult to hurl in your direction.or like "poo(alt 2,5,5)lol".Because they are the best for taking out aircrafts and tanks and any object come close to your hidden scud launchers.When targeting a tough building, "scrub" by targeting alternating sides of the building in a zig-zag pattern with the rapid clicking.Note: these strategies does not work at all against the super weapon general.
If you are just cleaning up infantry, get more Snipers.
The shell map should be in the area where missions are, with no player number next.Then you need to factor in that you're playing on their ground and that they will have a better position in their territory than you.Hint:, submitted by: toma.US defense strategy:, build four patriot missiles and two firebases (Artillery center) inside each of the firebases put a sniper tw rockets and a machine gunner This will tear your enemies assault vehicles and infantry to pieces very quickly.Cheat Codes:, submitted by: Danny Adrian, this Cheats like a previous game (C C Generals).but there is a different one.Command Conquer - Generals - Zero Hour.Arch for "BuildTime" and overwrite it like "BuildTime.0" Orig.Extra particle beam power: It is possible to vastly increase the effectiveness of your particle beam so you can spread out its effect or do more damage to hardened structures, such as Command Centers and scud Storms.