game hotel story for laptop

Goschlong 2011.12.20 Great Game, Good Graphics!
Kapo 2011.08.20 passion hotel game is one of the best games i have seen!BugX 2014.01.28 great game, only too short and could use some more options cloudleonheart 2014.01.27 its good but, its yet to zero hour original game dat see any progression omgujust 2014.01.23 The game was fairly easy, but different to others due to the motions you have to do with the.Kline 2011.11.11 ok game, the circle controls gave me a problem on one part but the rest of it was fine amilama 2011.11.10 A very enjoyable game.I loved it mikicostanza 2012.01.04 this is a hot game good story mafsuas-3 2012.01.03 Very nice, maybe I play it again.Models realistic, animations perfect jmw3811 2012.03.05 great game!Elitetrooperjoe 2011.11.13 great game but need a little more graphics castall_11 2011.11.12 wish they had more sex scenes in it, but besides that great game.
Is there a trick to it?Other than that another great game iloveya 2011.05.28 Nice girl.I enjoyed the graphics and the gameplay was nice too Djin 2011.07.08 Very good game, good graphics and history photu 2011.07.08 excellent graphics and a entertaining game JoeDiet 2011.07.08 These games are awesome because they go for a realistic kind of look, instead.The graphics were amazing.Got stuck at the end though marck4 2013.07.12 good game and good graphics raiha024 2013.07.11 as always, a very good game from leonizer.Dix89 2012.06.04 really nice game and good graphics dyl1570 2012.06.01 Good graphics, the girl is very sexy.Spectrumamstrad 2013.07.25 good game and great graphics!Zac74 2011.12.14 This game is great!Yuv565 2014.02.26 passion hotel is real game of pleasure.JBxxx 2011.08.17 A little too linear quest for.