forward email exchange 2010 external address

If you want email to go to the external account, and the local exchange user, make sure you check the option that says Deliver Messages to both.
Once the group is set up: Right click group, go to properties.
Check out the following topics on how to forward your summit 2 student's book email to another email address by using Outlook and Outlook Web App.You do this by getting on your domain controller.You can use either the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) or Exchange Management Shell to set up email forwarding.Delivery options exchange 20 3) Then we need to go into recipient configuration and mailbox.Click on it, and pick the smtp address option.Forward Exchange 2007 or 2010 email to external account 2) select new contact.On the mailbox properties page, click.You need to wait a few minutes before Exchange will process all the changes.See the following example in "Use the Exchange Management Shell to configure mail forwarding.Click Here to get your free tools.
Then go to the mailbox of the account you want forwarded to multiple people.
Problem, if you have an email account in the office but you would like a copy of all your emails sent to another address outside of work we can setup something called an email forward.See the middle part, click the modify button and select the contact you created earlier.Exchange 2016, applies to: Exchange Online, Exchange Server 2016, topic Last Modified.Members tab: Add the users to whom you wish to have mail forwarded.Check the, enable forwarding check box, and then click or tap.The recipient limit is unlimited by default.Click OK, and you can enter the external address you want to forward the mail.