excel 2010 conditional formatting insert row

Write a rule like this: countif(lst1, C21)0.
Now select second list (assuming the values are in C21:C28) Set the conditional formatting rule as countif(lst1,C21) 0 Again, apply formatting as you want.
Today, lets learn a few tricks that you can apply immediately to compare 2 lists using Excel.Another Solution, update: Thanks to Khushnood, who suggested leaving 3 blank rows at the bottom of the table, and inserting new rows above that, when adding new data.Set the formatting you want.I am only interested in using 1 or 2 icons (a red X for Off and a Green light for On not interested in the Yellow light).So, to clean up the mess, I cleared the conditional formatting from the worksheet, and set it up again.Highlight items that are in both lists.But, just to make formulas simpler and easier to read, lets name the 2 lists as lst1 and lst2.Excel Howtos, Featured, Learn Excel - 110 comments, comparison of lists of data is something that we do all the time.Cleaning Up the Mess ocr gcse biology past papers 2013 updated.
If the result in column A is false, the formula result in column B is 0, and a red X shows.
Play with it and become comparison ninja.If the result in column A is true, the formula result in column B is 1, and a green circle shows.But this week I ran into a conditional formatting crisis, and had to start from scratch.Trouble With the Lines, suddenly, this week, I started having trouble with the red border between dates it wasnt going across the full table.Its still an extra step though, instead of a simple copy and paste.So, to save typing time, I copy and paste the headings windows 8 enterprise evaluation product key from the day before.(it assumes that value is already in lst1).But, instead of one simple rule, there were hundreds of rules!