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Sound list - showing which units provide practice in each sound.
Chapter 1: Introduction, chapter 2: Five Limiting Beliefs about Learning English.
Many of the speaking activities are supported by the accompanying audio CD and the recording script section at the back of the resource book.
The solution is simple, change the way you are learning.A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities.Chapter 6: Language as a Tool Not a Science.If you want to have a good pronunciation of English, you need to be able to make all the sound contrasts used in English.Designed tow truck simulator pc game for students working alone as well as for classroom use it provides an intonation list and language chart to help students work out their particular area of difficulty and plan their programme.Chapter 10: Improve Your Writing, chapter 11: Immerse Yourself in English.The number of contrasts is different in different languages; some English sounds will be similar to those in your language, but some will be different.Format: PDF, quality: eBook, pages count: 129, description: The free 5-Day e-course is on speaking and understanding English better.Not being able to speak and understand English can be frustrating.
In the book, How to Speak English Fluently you will learn many practical tips, tricks and resources that you can start using today to improve your English language skills.
If you are not sure which English contrasts you need to practise, look at the Language chart on pages 15-17.The book aims to integrate the practice of intonation patterns with sounds and to use realistic texts and conversations for the practice material.Graham Palmer, these four books can easily be used together, linking in from book to book integrating the skills, or separately as resource books to dip into occasionally.Language chart - showing relevant units and tasks for speakers of 15 particular languages, intonation list - showing the intonation patterns practised, and the 18 units and tasks in which they appear.Miles Craven ( 2 CD reading Extra.You should study the Introductory Unit first because it shows you how the other units are organised.