empire earth for win 7

Also I installed the latest patches and the Add On (Age of Konquest but it didn't work.
It works.alittle.-, we are 3 friends with 3 completely different computers, both old and new.
It appears in the processes tab of task manager, but not in the Applications tab, and it has no effect on screen - no blackout or even a flicker - nor do I get an error message, but the disk drive still has activity.
Ithlord(surfer artylery give no many domage on aa mobile since 3 day).Even tho this game barely cost anything, I regret getting it from m since it barely works and its just pissing us off.If you have a problem running the game on Windows 7, it is not because you have Windows.Update, after all that time and many tries, I assume that it is not possible to run ee-zde on."Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool." -Lazy Bone-: we had to double ghost or we had no chance.Ranging from the very dawn of civilisation with the discovery of fire to the penultimate achievements of mankind's futuristic nanoage, players have all of the resources of the era at their disposal, from the club-wielding cavemen of prehistoric society, to atomic bomb-laden B52 planes.I want to play empire earth on my netbook, with win7 pro 32bit, but it crashes.Tweaking settings usually involves disabling some of the new technology that today's video cards have, which are not designed to be used on older games.Spanning across the epochs of mankind's history, Empire wizard chess pc game Earth is an encompassing, deep real-time strategy game similar in style to Age of Empires.When I start Empire Earth, the videos are played as usual and when the game starts, it crashes.It is most likely a video card driver compatibility issue or your video card settings need to be properly tweaked, but this is not always the case.
Please take this into consideration before you post in this forum.Any Ideas what I could do?Recently when I tried to go on Empire Earth for the first time in a few months I encountered a problem: whenever I tried to run the game, however I tried to open it (from disc, autorun menu, desktop shortcut, program files folder) it doesn't.It has me completely stumped; it previously ran on the same pc and on a previous one.I guess the problem is related to the intel graphics card.Featuring a robust campaign editor, and random scenario generator, Empire Earth is both a technologically-sound and enjoyable game.All editions of Windows 7 are compatible with Empire Earth and the Art of Conquest expansion.Also, newer graphic cards will very often bug out, giving me a 5 second black screen up to twice a minute.Anyway, I will accept the answer with the most votes to get this to an end).