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The walls must be at least four blocks high (since spiders can jump up to three blocks high).
Archery Tower If you have a plentiful supply of arrows, building a small tower to pick off nearby monsters can be fun and provide useful resources such as gunpowder.
Secure Waterfront Because zombies and skeletons can survive sunlight in water and hostile mobs can swim, if you have a base on the nes games rom punch out coast it's a good idea to make sure it isn't vulnerable to mob attack.
(Also, a passing enderman might pull a block out of your pillar.) If you're really stuck and only have sand or gravel, make the pillar extra-tall, at least 20 blocks.This can be extremely handy when you stumble upon an opening which contains mobs.You need 13 blocks as a bare minimum (four 3-block high pillars around a 11 refuge but two or three times that, or even a whole stack of 64, lets you build something you can actually move around in, and do some crafting and smelting.Put some cooked meat, bread, cookies, cakes and melons in them.You may also build another store room, with a guarded and hidden entrance though this store room is usually filled with more valuable and rare materials,.e.Now add a fountain in the center of the city.Remember to protect your golem from rain and stray mobs - especially, block off their firing capability so they don't provoke passing creepers and skeletons!Not to be used in wooded areas.
You'll want a crafting table and some chests for materials.Trapped chests can also be placed next to regular chests, saving even more space.Hi All trouble installing Frontline - fuel of war - cd 2 non repsonds.If you want to give your arena a bit of a twist you could add challenges, like a room where the mobs spawn over your head or one where you have to solve a puzzle while fighting the monsters.Include jukeboxes with music discs and perhaps colored carpet.For additional style points, decorate the rooms nicely.Do not to use sand or gravel, because unlike most blocks, they are affected by gravity.