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How do you expect us to run an empire that strikes fear across the galaxies while we're cowering from a handful of Saiyan garbage!
Destructo Disc (two halves are better office 2010 ita serial than one) Dragon Fist (when you have to get up close and personal) Kamehameha (the Turtle Hermit special) Special Beam Cannon (combine with full-nelson for best results) Spirit Bomb (lend me your energy) Death Ball (for all your planet-crushing.Guidelines - Remember that all users must familiarize army subdivision crossword clue themselves with the Rules.Administrators Questions, comments, concerns?Other videos are not allowed due to copyright issues.Videos - We now encourage users to upload premium, licensed videos, which can be found in the Wikia Video Library.Special content Featured articles View a chronicle of the various articles that have been featured by Dragon Ball Wiki, in order of their implication.Meanwhile, the first episode of the.Sandbox For practice editing and formatting.
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