doom 3 prometheus mod

Please be sure to read both the.
Paladin armor is now craft only as requested.
Terrific's equipment hit and presumably destroyed his front office chapter 1 goggles.
The Crowned Hood for the Dragon Hide Armor was removed.2 5 Glock 17: Vigilante's main sidearm.Please feel free to add more screenshots, as I do love seeing them.Try installing IA_v7 on that save.Fixed a graphical error on the Mercencary Armor set with alpha edits.Very interested to see and hear what people's favourites are!Vigilante decided to target him for supposedly being corrupt and prepared his weapons, not knowing Oliver Queen was secretly the Green Arrow.He was able to battle Green Arrow with an injured shoulder for some time, albeit being pushed back.
The old Vagabond helmet has been removed and it has been replaced with a new one.See the change log for more details and other minor changes.With great contributions from Eckss.Fixed an issue that made the fur hoods uncraftable.NMM also occasionally has a hiccup when activating a mod, so double-check that too if you use.Later on, he targeted the Papp Motel, where the leader of the gang, Eric Dunn, was recovering.