cydia package backup ios 6

Repo iOS 7-8 Reform / ReformX.99 / free Reform your springboard!
There is a paid version that includes additional features.
IOS 6 Notific8 free Makes the iOS 7 Notification Center look like the iOS 8 Notification Center, with a removed "Missed" tab and other features.IOS.2-9 DynamicText free Changes slide to unlock text to a greeting depending on time of day.IOS 7-9 CCLoader free Hide and move different areas of the Control Center.The size of the backup will also be displayed above.ShowCase free Makes the keyboard show the current letter case.Im happy to report that the utility has matured significantly since Jeff originally reviewed the app in vmware esxi 5.5 keygen 2011.IOS.0-9.0.2 Sicarius free A suite of enhancements to the stock switcher.IOS.4-9.3 AudioExplorer.99 Goes through apps, folders, etc.IOS 4-9 Change banner view and colors Tweak Price Description Compatibility FlagPaint7 Lite / FlagPaint 2 Free /.99 Change the color of banners.) iOS 7-9 Control Center Customizations I am the captain now ALL require iOS 7 OR above Tweak Price Description Compatibility CCControls.Sure, its not a one-button solution, and it wont work if Cydia is knocked offline after a major jailbreak, but this way you wont be blindsided when you unwittingly install a dozen incompatible tweaks.IOS 5-9 ColorFlow.99 Changes the Now Playing interface colors to match those of the album currently playing.
Repo iOS 7-10 Multitasking Complete Replacements Apple left a lot to be desired Tweak Price Description Compatibility Auxo.99 Rewritten version of the classic multitasking replacement by a3tweaks for iOS 8 devices.
IOS 5-8 OpenNotifier free Displays a customizable icon in your status bar when you have a notification for that app.CCClockOpenToAlarm free Control Center Clock icon opens to the Alarm tab by default.IOS 6 and.IOS 9-10 springPage.99 Allows you to set custom wallpapers per each page of your Springboard.NoNewsIsGoodNews free Hides the Newsstand.Also includes a SwipeSelection-like function and much more.MsgautoSave 8 free Saves received images video to library iOS 8-9 NoMessagesFlash free Disables the camera flash when using the Messages quick camera iOS 8 Music App Tweaks Changes look, not taste Tweak Price Description Compatibility Aria.99 Introduces queuing, grids, an enhanced Now Playing.