copy queue length exchange 2007 too high

This state indicates that the storage group copy is performing initial startup checks or that the Microsoft Exchange Replication service is performing an incremental reseed.
Therefore, logs are not being produced by the active storage group copy.
If the service is stopped on either node, then you must start.
Finally, run the Get-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet and look at the SummaryCopyStatus value to identify whether there are issues with the previously active copy that prevent it from mounting.Storage group copy failed (SGCopyFailed) Checks to see if hero lab crack 3.5 any storage group copies exist that are in a Failed state.Mapi networks are used to connect DAG member servers to network services such as Active Directory and for connections between a mailbox server and the CAS.ReplayGenerationNumber Indicates the generation sequence number of the last log file that was replayed successfully.You can determine if the database is failed by reviewing the event log.However, even when SCR appears healthy and has a zero length copy queue there may be problems with the RPC calls between the servers to notify of log truncation events. .Computer: server2, description: Log truncation request to the Information Store using RPC has failed for storage group server1First Storage Group'.
Specifically, Exchange 2007 SP1 introduces enhancements to the.Replay service is stopped.The replay queue length is the number of transaction log files yet to be replayed into the replica database (in this case the default 24 hour replay delay has been used).Cluster network status (ClusterNetwork) Verifies that all cluster-managed networks found on the local node are running.So, I would call this a main notable difference between CCR and SCR.In any case, this post is not about the finer points of DAG networks.When there are one or more missing log files in the middle of a log stream, the passive copy continues to try to recover, causing the replication status to switch between failed and healthy states.Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus reports a stale time for, lastInspectedLogTime.