build a lot 3 level 39 walkthrough

Upgrade the Venetian so you can make more rental income from that property.
Build the Workshop on its permanent home, on one of a pair of lots that are isolated together from other houses.EU: March 23, 2009, nA: August 12, 2009, build-a-lot is a 2007 casual video game for Microsoft Windows.Once you have 8 3-Star Apartments built, when the original Apartment you built comes up for sale, buy it and install 3 Energy Savers.Build a Sawmill, buy 25,000 materials, demolish the Sawmill and then build a Workshop in its place.Construct a 3rd Craftsman and upgrade to 3-Stars.Once the first 2 are built, start building the next one.Once the Recycling Center is built, buy 10,000 materials.
The 9th one will be built on the lot where the Garden Center.
Build the bank on an isolated spot since it has a negative 20 appeal.
Main Campaign, Level 45 Goals: 15 houses, 2 Fancy shops, 300 appeal, 2 recreations Start with: verisoft access manager 200,000, 9 workers, 5,000 materials, 5 technicians Level Tip: There is a trick to this level, because as the very last step you can demolish the nuclear reactor.You dont need any Energy Savers.As soon as they are painted, inspect them, dont upgrade them.Construct a Tech Center.Paint or Landscape with current affairs of india 2013 pdf 2 stars: adds 100 to base rent, 4,500 to base value of house.Keep 5 in order to make the rent requirement, so you will be selling 4 or 5 at this point.Now start demolishing everything except the A-Frames and the Workshop.Finally, demolish the Nuclear Reactor to complete the level.As quickly as possible, paint the Condo and upgrade to 3-Stars.