best email client for ubuntu 2015

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When youre dealing with hundreds or thousands of emails every day, speed is a primary concern and this email client delivers.
6 Best Linux Email Clients, an Email client is a software that enables a user to manage their inbox with sending, receiving and organizing messages simply from a desktop or a mobile phone.
Email is an old way of communication yet, it still remains the basic and most important method out there of sharing information up to date, but the way we access emails has changed over the years.Notice: This post is more than a year old.My personal choice is Geary for its nice balance of performance and appearance with Evolution as a runner-up choice.I really don't get very uptight unless something really, really ticks me off.Maybe you dont want a corporate-ready email client thats packed with features left and right.Thunderbird, platform: Windows/Mac/Linux, price: Free, download Page, features, supports multiple POP and imap accounts for all your email addresses.For example, you can import address books, import Outlook PST files, or even skin it to look like Apple Mail.Read More and check out these tips for email productivity 10 Tips To Help You Email More Efficiently 10 Tips To Help You Email More Efficiently The best advice I have heard about email and email productivity is dont answer emails first thing in the.
It isn't quite as polished as something like Thunderbird or Evolution, but it'll get the job done.Stability and reliability of data are Sylpheeds foremost concerns.How To Email Like A Pro.Beware that the email body panel is stripped down to barebones, which could be too boring for some.For that, youll want Sylpheed.