avid recording studio m-audio fast track

Pro Tools, hD Native starting at 3,495.
Built-in composing features, including midi sequencing and manager firefox 14 plugin Score editing.
The, pro Tools, sE software included in these systems is more limited than the fuller versions, but still supports mixing up to 24 tracks (16 audio tracks and 8 virtual instrument tracks with 20 audio effects, 256 midi tracks, over 100 virtual instruments, and.
Then assign virtual instruments to the midi tracks.You can also turn this off for use with dynamic mics like the Shure SM57 or SM58.The mic includes a headphone connection for monitoring the input sound and the output from.Apply up to 3 effects per track, to clean (compressor/expander, filters) and enhance the sound (delay, reverb, distortion, EQ, lo-fi and to apply guitar amp and distortion effects (fuzz-wah).There's a wide array of music creation templates and a huge (3 GB!) audio loop library so you can play along with drum grooves or add your own percussion, bass and instrument lines.There's also a master track for the overall sound level, also with automation.Antlion Audio ModMic.0 Uni-Directional, roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner more, see More blog comments powered by Disqus.Pro Tools, m-Powered with M-Audio game casper untuk hp midi, keyboard, and guitar interfaces.Record guitar, vocals, and more, the included Fast Track audio interface delivers the same M-Audio technology used by the pros, giving you far better sound than most standard-issue PC audio cards.By the time you get to the point where the sound quality of the Fast Track becomes an impediment, you'll have plenty of experience in recording, and will likely want a better audio interface for other reasons (such as needing more inputs).
Compatible with PC and Mac computers.
Clean sound quality for the price.
After you record your own tracks, you can use the included "virtual" instruments to add even more depth and variety to your music.You choose the appropriate interface to record your instrument (vocal, keyboard, guitar and then can leverage the power of the.Testing, Pro Tools SE, and Conclusions.Use the effect presets, or tweak as desired.You also can start with new empty session, or use presets for different editing purposes (e.g., working with instruments like piano or guitar, or loops or podcast or soundtrack).