auto open macro in excel 2007

You can view and restore each version you've ever saved.
These are: 'High' / 'Very High' - These 2 settings only allow macros from trusted sources to the hunger games book 1 ebook run.
Sort_Column_B, end If, end Sub, this did not work and caused my system to crash.
Macro security has changed significantly between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.End Sub (Do I just right-click on Sheet 1 view code, and paste the above.; Select one of the security levels and click.However, Excel also provides optional macro security settings, which are controlled via the options menu.'Medium' - If there are macros in a workbook, this setting causes a pop-up to be displayed as the workbook is being opened, asking if you wish to allow macros to be run or not.Everytime you save your document (and something has changed a backup is created.
And this is just a macro itself, right?) Like I said, I only want to be sort about every 15 seconds, without hindering the real-time data feed into the other columns.
Warning: it is not advised that you make a large part of your drive, such as the whole of your 'My Documents' folder into a trusted location, as this puts you at risk of accidentally allowing macros from untrusted sources.
I don't need it to start or stop automatically, but merely to work right when I DO start d to run (semi-)continuously, re-sorting the column every 15 seconds.Return to the Writing Excel Macros page Return to the t Home Page.Here is the macro for that: Sub Sort_Column_B ' ' Sort_Column_B Macro ' Macro recorded 6/18/2009 ' columns A:G.Select rt Key1:Range B1 Order1:xlDescending, Header:xlGuess, orderCustom:1, MatchCase:False, Orientation:xlTopToBottom, end Sub.When you open a new Excel workbook, you are not alerted to the fact that it contains macros, so you may not be aware that this is the reason a workbook does not work as expected.You can restore every version youve ever saved, even if you do not use a version control system (like Team Foundation Server or Subversion).What I would need, is the ability to take my current workbook and export it to a new file (overwriting that same file each time and do this based on time or (even better) on a change in the data.Project Description, autoHistory for Word 2007, Word 2010 and NEW Excel 2010 provides a local history for documents.