arma 2 dayz jimbo bad cd key

But eventually this has a good side too and in the future you think before installing some software from unknown sources.
That's why we're humans.
Again, I'm sorry that you all have these problems now.Of course we all make mistakes, every day.Good thing you only have your cd key screwed up and not your credit card details stolen.Edit: After some quick research it seem this bypassv2.exe is a hacking tool to cheat in games.But come on, there are warnings about malicious software like virus and trojans all over the internet on a daily basis.But I would never, ever install some fancy software some guy on the internet gave.So that error message you guys are getting has something to do with that.But even here I'm not so sure as you simply do not know what this "Bypass.exe" is doing on your system.
And especially not some software with such obvious names and from people you don't know.
I probably made a dozen alone today.For hacking/cheating your product key will be permanently banned on BattlEye no matter what excuse you come up with.Edited August 8, 2012 by W0lle.By now everyone should be aware about this and being so smart not to execute every software he runs into.Maybe this tool reads your cd key and sends them to god knows."fifa Soccer 2004 (PS2.