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Look, I dont have anything to add here other than HOW cool does this ICY wolf look!?
Theres a great big rocky setwhich well see later is tamil ilakkiya varalaru pdf actually home to a massive pool of waterthe bridge of a Star Destroyer under construction, huts on Lukes new home of Ahch-To, and rather spectacularly, Chewbacca getting his hair done.
Luke stands tall on Ahch-To, but hes had a change of clothes from his white robes.A poor camera man gets doused in easeus partition manager iso red soilmeaning that euro truck simulator 2 mods greece this is presumably Crait, the mineral planet from the first trailer and seemingly the site of a really major battle at some point in the film, judging by some of the characters well later see.Angry Birds, see: Bad Piggies (game for information on the episode.Also, bizarrely, weve heard this sequence will include a cameo from Tom Hardy, dressed up as a Stormtrooper who slaps Finn on the butt as congratulations for his promotion into the officer ranks.Theres been a report floating around forever about a major duel on the planet featuring Rey, Luke, Kylo Ren, and the Knights of Ren themselvescould those be the opponents shes running to meet here?Another intriguing moment for the two, immediately after: Rose and Finn disguised as First Order officers.Its not the orange of Poe and his fellow X-Wing pilots, so maybe Finn suits up to use one of those big gunships we saw in the first trailers space battle.The Pigs, as ordered by size.Pig reading a Newsletter.We know nothing about this character other than the fact that he was referred to on set.
The game is set to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 17 with a beta set to run in the first full week of October.Looks like this is more stuff from Canto Bight.Heres another look at Kylos scarnote that here hes back in his robes from the first film.Every pig knocked down in the game awards 5,000 points, but slightly more if the accessory it's wearing is also destroyed in the process, if any is present.The Force Awakens : Rey returns the Skywalker family lightsaber to its former owner, Luke (Mark Hamill).Plus the snowy location might actually be the white salt-sands of Crait, indicating a reunion between Rey, Finn, Rose, and Poe by the end of the movie.A reverse look at that big explosion we see Poe (Oscar Isaac) and BB-8 run to in the first trailerone that gives us our first really good look at the A-Wings, making their return to the franchise in both original red and, resistance White/Blue flavors.