aht times new roman font

It exists in several variations, both for Mac and PC, but this marco is based on a (the latest?) Windows version, the only one I have information about.
ME Times ME Geneva Not to be confused with MidEastTimes below, to avoid confusion I have named the macro "ME Geneva but the perhaps more used ME Times font follows the same layout.
It seems also to have been inproperly converted to Unicode, in that fake (Tibetan) Unicode values have been assigned to all characters in the font, which may have caused the error.
The conversion seems however straightforward.2.7.08: Fairly major overhaul, code errors fixed in many of the Word macros in particular.It contains one "private area" character.Mostly, this is unnecessary, in most programs using standard Unicode characters only is preferable; adhering to a standard is after all the object of the exercise.Timur/Helvan added to the xt files.A report says that it does not work properly in Windows, in that word units are not recognized.Like the others of the family, it uses some private area codes* and displaces some European diacritics.* As always, I welcome additional information and corrections.If so, you will probably wish to switch to another Unicode font.Fonts The Times font was chosen for initial display because it is certain to be on all Macs.
In recordpad sound recorder for mac most files, the "cannibalistic" tnar will probably be used for diacritics only, and another font, tner or other, for regular text, or at least for numerals.
Al-Arial, this Windows font, available on the Internet, was created by the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Library.
Unfortunately, you are then locked to displaying the text in these two fonts, TimesTL and Titus, the only ones who have this "private" character.A few dozen characters - typically such as "z with two dots below" - are not defined in Unicode (as well as more remote combinations as "e with line above, grave accent above the line, and dot under"!).Both contain four-five private area codes the NWT font also relocates some European accents.* Pamuk This is a Mac truetype font for Turkish transcription, related to the HaifaTimes family, see this for details.These will in that case be displayed.It is a Mac-style combination fonts, with several positions for each diacritic (to cater for wide and narrow base characters etc.