2000 chevy tracker 2.0 oil pan

The jack instructions will provide you with information on how to use it properly.
Turn on the vehicle and allow it to run for at least five minutes to raise the temperature of the vehicle to its normal level.Our List Price:.33 Quantity: ( game sengoku basara 3 heroes pc 35) In Stock Product vampire diaries season 2 episode 1 link SKU: GMP51A Product Note: Engine Oil Pan Inventory: In Stock Condition: New Shipping Options: Ground Additional Fitment Information: Catalog: B Vehicle Engine 2000 (00) Chevrolet knights of the old republic mods Tracker.0L 4 Cyl 99 1999 Chevrolet Tracker Oil Pan.Items you will need, engine support brace, wheel chocks.Disconnect the catalytic converter from the right exhaust manifold.Items you will need Jack and jack stands Oil drip pan Wrench or socket set Engine support fixture.By Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017.The oil pan is located about halfway between the tires under the engine.Use a wrench to remove the plug, allowing the oil to spill into the pan.The oil pan gasket acts as a seal for the oil pan.Drain the oil from the engine by placing a drain pan under the oil drain plug, located under the car, between the tires.
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Pull the oil plug on the back of the oil pan, using a wrench to unscrew and remove.Drain all oil from the Silverado by placing an oil drip pan under the vehicle's engine block, directly under the oil drain plug.Call toll free to order or place your order online via our secure checkout system.These bolts hold the oil pan in place so as you remove them, support the oil pan with one hand for safety.Use a ramp or a jack and jack stands to support the vehicle securely by following all directions for use provided by this equipment's manufacturer.Position a drain pan under the car and remove the drain plug using a 15 mm wrench.Remove the crankshaft position sensor, located on the oil pan and the left transmission stiffener bracket, if the car is equipped with.Drain the oil out of the oil pan by placing an oil drip pan under the vehicle's oil pan.